Western University

London, Ontario

Architects Tillmann Ruth Robinson
Arthur Lierman Landscape Architecture
Parterre Landscape Design Associates

The Beryl Ivey Garden, honouring the late alumna Beryl Ivey, was a gift to Western University in 2004 through the generous donation from the Ivey Family. Designed by landscape architect Thomas Sparling, the garden was to be a quiet, green place of respite and contemplation away from the hustle and bustle of the university campus. Its intent was to be an expression of two of Mrs. Ivey’s important aspects in her life; the fundamental centrepiece of family and her love of gardening and interest of the Carolinian zone eco-system.

While the University College Renewal Project was underway, we were commissioned to review and assess the garden’s existing conditions and provide a report with recommendations and guidelines for its rejuvenation and ongoing care and maintenance. A positive architectural design intervention by the architects to introduce a prominent doorway to and from UC at the east end of the garden’s main axis was pivotal to engage more users with the garden and raise awareness of its existence.

The Report included the following key recommendations:

  • Strongly favour maintaining the garden as a quiet ‘oasis’ within the campus as a calming and healing place for study and informal meetings, casual gatherings and events
  • Promote a palette of new plantings in keeping with the landscape design intents and the existing landscape conditions
  • Strategic plant thinning, removals and replacements
  • Introduction of bulb plantings
  • Landscape lighting considerations
  • A Seasonal Management and Maintenance Programme