London, Ontario

Skinner Architects
Arthur Lierman Landscape Architecture

2019 City of London Urban Design Award of Excellence

The infill private residence celebrates contemporary design within a distinct neighbourhood of custom architectural houses that embrace the adjacent naturalized riverside landscape. Extensive landscaping was specifically designed to respect and complement the context’s existing, mature vegetation, including both native and cultivated landscapes, with the overall landscape vision to encapsulate a ‘stylized wilderness.’
River Birch trees frame the driveway entry and punctuate the front courtyard while boldly contrasting against the deep earthen toned brick walls. Subtle groundcover plant combinations and massings consisting of varying green tones and textures are in harmony with the home’s low and linear form that is nestled into the natural environment. Flowering Redbud, Dogwood, Viburnum and evergreen Cedar are strategically positioned throughout the landscape to provide seasonal points of interest and privacy and supplement the mature landscape backdrop.
The well-established streetscape landscape, with four large coniferous trees located at the northwest corner of the property, is augmented with an abundance of plant diversity in both manicured and naturalized forms. Resembling a naturalized landscape, the back garden seamlessly blends into the bordering native vegetation of the Thames River valley to the south.