London, Ontario


A new suburban residence called for a sophisticated landscape with restraint, intricacy and delight. The front gardens are anchored by a signature River Birch tree within a swoosh-shaped planting bed composed of a Spirea hedge and Japanese Spurge groundcover. A Chanticleer Pear tree-line under-planted with Daylily frames the west edge and balances the asymmetrical, yet formal and understated composition.

Sweeping across the backyard, a low arcing stone wall provides an architectural counterpoint that links the garden rooms and creates a threshold between the intimate perennial gardens and the open play lawn. A River Birch grove, Beech hedge and a columnar Eastern White Pine tree-line spatially define the open space with a storage shed quietly tucked behind the hedge. The lush gardens beside the terrace, water feature and raised herb garden are distinguished by a variety of small trees, including Redbud, Serviceberry, Dogwood and Paperbark Maple, under-planted with shade loving and sun worshipping shrubs, perennials and grasses. Ample outdoor flexible space is afforded for peaceful contemplation, relaxation, dining and entertaining.