London, Ontario

Skinner Architects
Arthur Lierman Landscape Architecture

The landscape vision for a modern residence situated on a slope overlooking the Thames River valley integrates textural and floriferous plant combinations with subtle appropriateness and bold legibility. The front garden is composed of various textural green plants that are juxtaposed against the smooth hard surfaces of the house and arrival court. Pyramid Cedar and Colorado Spruce provide spatial definition and privacy with flowering trees, including Redbud and Dogwood, offering vertical accents amidst masses of Juniper shrubs, Maiden grasses and Liriope groundcover.

Specific client requests to have no leaf-shedding deciduous trees around the pool and to create a sun worshipping oasis necessitated scale and interest to be furnished by shrubs, perennials and ornamental grasses. Large sweeping drifts of Juniper, Henry Hudson rose, Russian Sage, and a variety of grasses weave and intermingle across the sloped terrain. Their irregular arrangement affords a casual and natural elegance that is counter to the sleek architecture of the residence and pool terrace. The balanced landscape design that is both understated and dramatic unifies the site.