City of London

London, Ontario

Arthur Lierman Landscape Architecture
Parterre Landscape Design Associates

2013 City of London Urban Design Award of Honourable Mention

The popular park possessed a range of existing conditions and amenities to be redesigned and enhanced with a specific requirement to have a strong urban character. The improvements involved entry gateways, a promenade with a terrace overlook, playground upgrades, reconfigured walkways, an amphitheatre, lighting and amenity enhancements. The park’s rich and diverse historical and cultural heritage along with its natural evolution provided the inspiration for the design’s interventions.

The design’s signature urban feature is the Promenade and Terrace located along Waterloo Street. Together, running parallel with the street, they form an urban frontage and a public space connecting the park to the urban realm and creating a venue for casual activities. The terrace is a rectangular plaza framed by sweeping landscapes and defined by seatwalls and piers that project from the slope descending into the park. The terrace, positioned to provide westward vistas over the park, is punctuated with skewed landscaped ovals along with light columns and furniture. With its bold architectural interventions and landscapes referencing the park’s cultural evolution, the park has been reinvigorated with its sense of place, purpose, and meaning renewed.