London, Ontario

Spriet Associates Engineers & Architects
Arthur Lierman Landscape Architecture

Urban design requirements to provide high quality screening of the new dealership from future residential development to the north was the primary factor in defining the landscape’s identity and character. Landscape and architecture intermingle providing human-scaled features with a contemporary, language in a series of low, L-shaped, concrete walls, piers and composite screens.
The layered architectural composition that is punctuated and softened by tall, wispy ornamental grasses is repeated along the north streetscape in a rhythmic framework. A combination of low walls & ornamental grass backdrops continues to demarcate the two remaining streetscapes and unify the dealership’s property.
The outdoor vehicle display plaza takes on an angled layout that connects to the indoor display area with its paving pattern extended into the planting composed of bold contrasting textures for a seamless and streamlined relationship. Integrated at the northeast corner of the site, a small paved parkette with seating is defined by shade trees and gardens that acknowledges the nearby roundabout.