London, Ontario

City of London

Baird Sampson Neuert Architects
Arthur Lierman Landscape Architecture
Nicholson Sheffield Architects Inc.

Lightfall was our shortlisted submission for the Market Lane Design Competition. The design transforms the unique pedestrian corridor into a convivial public terrain with an environmental design strategy to invert its predominant condition of shadow to illuminated space. It orchestrates a limited palette of sculptural and landscape elements to respond to its context and create an engaging interplay of sky, ground, and nature. Ten Lightfall frames are arrayed along a gentle arc focused on the Covent Garden Market entrance. Re-aligning the pedestrian view, they reframe the sky with a virtual ceiling of light-diffusing panels. The ground plane is sculpted to reinforce Market Lane as a connection, and to create opportunities for spontaneous or programmed social interaction. Around the Lightfall frames, the paving surface folds and ruptures upward with tipped planes to form three large planters where illuminated ledges allow casual seating. The planters evoke the presence of nature, pushing the pavers upward and responding to the light.