Creative Property Developments Inc.

London, Ontario

Nicholson Sheffield Architects Inc.
Arthur Lierman Landscape Architecture

The extensive renovation and contemporary additions to the Roundhouse office complex inspired a combination of landscape design approaches to respect the historical character and modern interventions that resurrected and repurposed a formidable railway heritage structure.

A stylized and discreet railroad meadow landscape approach with sweeping Prairie Dropseed grasses and Junipers are formalized in a zig-zagging pattern across the arcing façade with native Red Oak trees linearly arranged to reinforce the streetscape frontage. Billowing ribbons of Gro-low Sumac punctuated by native Hackberry trees define the edges with tall Adagio Maiden grasses marking the driveway entrance and anchoring the corner.

The circular courtyard is distinguished by clump-form River Birch trees within the mounded centrepiece and around the arcing perimeter within circular planting beds that are composed of grasses and blooming perennials which offer subtle textures and colours to enliven the space. Flanking the side elevations, flowering Serviceberry trees amidst a minimalist ensemble of low fountain grasses and junipers continue the thread of the railroad meadow landscape with a subtle and restrained aesthetic.